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auf Coastal Sound Radio, Skegness (UK) | online community radio Station

Podcast June 11th
Wüste Welle BIG BAND @ min 0:26:06 Podcast
– The Thing of Gold, arr. Frank Reinshagen

Podcast June 4th
Marko Mebus & Wüste Welle BIG BAND @ min 0:37:04 Podcast
– Tenderly, arr. Lukas Pfeil
Steve Walker: „This next tune really caught our attention. They had been recording with the young German trumpet star Marko Mebus.“
„And so there is a name to look out for in the future – Marko Mebus …“

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Wüste Welle BIG BAND | community radio big band | Tübingen
Leitung: Lothar Landenberger und Günter Flumm